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My Dear Friend:

I wanted to tell you about a powerful movement that I am a part of, and I thought you'd like it too. It took me two minutes to sign up, and it gives me an uplifting experience each week at candle lighting time.

In today's turbulent times the feeling that we need to come together as a nation is more powerful than ever. Through Ner Echad, we do just that - with this simple system, we can really unite ...and light up the world.

Ner Echad is a pioneering women's global movement bringing together Jewish women from around the world and across the spectrum of Judaism through unified good deeds, and acts of loving kindness, in memory of the much celebrated Rebbetzin Batsheva Kanievsky. Ner Echad is grounded in the fundamental philosophy taught by our Sages,"There is no [spiritual] comparison between an individual doing a good deed alone and a group doing a good deed together!"

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member made testimonial video.

Every Friday and Erev Yom Tov before sunset, thousands of members all over the world welcome Shabbos and Yom Tov together as part of one massive group, lighting candles while simultaneously praying for family, friends, and each other, and contributing one dollar in unison to a common Tzedakah cause. Members receive a weekly notification of candle-lighting time in their local area, and a different member's name each week to have in mind when lighting Shabbos candles, praying for the reason specified.

Members automatically donate one dollar each week for Erev Shabbos Tzedakah. All the dollars are collected at the exact same moment, making it one tremendous united act of charity. The dollars go 100% exclusively to the Batsheva Kanievsky Widow and Children's Fund.
Ner Echad takes these three Mitzvos to the next level, by joining together thousands of women to do these things at the same time - *together*; bringing an extraordinary amount of blessing to the women of Ner Echad, and to all Jewish women around the world.

Click Here to watch our 3 minute animated video
explaining the Why and How of Ner Echad.
There is much more information available on the website, Do not hesitate to call the Ner Echad Team if you have any specific questions. To become a member you can sign up online, or call them at 1-844-637-3242 and they'll be happy to help you sign up over the phone. As soon as you complete membership you will begin receiving weekly alerts and you will be connected with thousands of women around the world united in these holy Mitzvos.

Please let me know if you have any questions :)

Looking forward to lighting up the world together!